Bhavna Shah - [co-founder]

Bhavna Shah has been education enthusiastic and one with excellent ability to teach, encourage, monitor, coach and guide young minds. While in middle school, she was offered her first tutoring opportunity. One would always spot her, leading/communicating/directing group of students for academic and cultural programs. Following her passion, she joined GE as processor trainer and came to USA to establish global center of excellence and processing hubs. Later on, she completed IAHP course and developed education programs that combine Montessori and Photographic memory approach.

NILOFER BANU - [co-founder]

Nilofer Banu has always had communication and ability to interact in various public forums as her strength. After moving to the US (Houston), she has been active Parent Teacher Student Association. She led numerous cultural, educational, science fairs and development oriented activities for elementary and middle school students. Nilofer always tries to develop 1:1 relationship with students and wins their trust. With her ability to influence motivates students to develop a target for themselves in consultative and within limits way. This creates unique combination desire within students to learn and appropriate materials – to deliver highly effective learning paths.

Radha pedapati - [lead teacher]

I am Radha Pedapati, a former Senior Software Developer, a Teacher, a Mom, and a Learner. After my Bachelor's in technology, I started working for a couple of organizations for 8 years including being a vendor for Microsoft. Later, I quit my job to pursue my passion as a teacher and did my Associate's in Early Childhood Education. Along with my degree, I also became a certified international tutor. Now I am keen to combine my skills to combine my skills as a developer and as a teacher to encourage and facilitate the active use of technology in a safe environment. 

Veena Bhoite - [lead teacher]

My name is Veena Bhoite and I have been accredited as a Montessori teacher by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). Furthermore, I also have a degree in medicine from Pune University.  I have had the pleasure of sharing my love of learning with my students for five years as a Montessori teacher. I value the innovative Montessori teaching method because it allows children to develop and grow at their own pace and respects the individuality of all children.  Additionally, I am a Girl Scouts and Lake Washington School District volunteer. When I am not working at school, I enjoy reading books, painting, and hiking.

Sunitha Alta - [lead teacher]

I completed the American Montessori Society Early Childhood teaching credential through the Montessori center for Teacher Education and interned for a year at Bellevue Montessori School in 2015. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Computers. I like working at Fun and Study Learning Center because of the wonderful environment and friendly staff. Teaching children is a joyful, rewarding and humbling expression. I am really lucky that I found what I truly love.