Indian Instruments - Master Gopi

We are lucky that Master Gopi has agreed to teach our students Indian Musical instruments and Indian notes.  

Gopijee hails from Punjab, India. He started learning tabla at age early age of around 10 years. His family realized his talent and passion for music rather at an early age. Following his dream, he became disciple of Sant Lal. At that time, Sant lal was one of known Punjabi folk singer and performed regularly regional musical concert. Once he completed his learning with Sant Lal, he learnt directly from Ustad Tari Khan. The pre-recorded concerts of Ustad Tari Khan and Ustad Zakir Hussain are available on You tube. Master Gopi considers himself extremely blessed to have learnt from Ustad Tari Khan. In addition to concerts, Master Gopi regularly performed in temple, Gurudwara and at musical events.  

Listen to Ustad Tari Khan with Ustad Fateh Ali:

Listen to Ustad Tari Khan and Ustad Zakir Husain:

Our story

As a parent and now as enrichment providers we always get question from our parents, 

What is right age for child to start learning music?

My child cannot sit at one place for more than 20 minutes, can he learn?

How do I know which music instruments he would like?

What if my child does not like to practice? 

I want my son to play both Indian classical and Western?

We do not claim to have all the answers as each child is unique. What applies to my child, will not apply to anybody else. One scholarly musician told us once that no one can play/sing the same song twice exact same way. There will be always atleast a little different. The only answer to all above question, is offer child various stimulus and child will grab one or all. We need to introduce child to various elements and they will hold on to one/more/none. 

We always think forward and we would like our student to learn both Indian classical and Western classical. This will provide students an opportunity to play songs in both family and cultural group settings. Over time the child will get confidence to play songs at parties, school events, mosque, temple, church or any other religious gathering. 

How we are different and why us? 

There are many institutions and teachers offering studio/home based programs. We are offering end to end experience by offering playing instruments and sound recording under one roof. We aim to introduce to students playing using both Indian and Western classical notes. We offer both Indian and Western instruments under one roof.

Skype or online sessions are not useful as remotely teachers are not able to physically address finger movement, hand movement or postures. We provide in person trainning for Indian instruments. Now once students achieves required skill sets we will arrange periodic Skype sessions so the students can learn regional songs such Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Hindi from India based teachers. The in house teachers will work with Skype based teacher to provide in person learning.  

Western Instruments - Musician Mr. Darrow

It is our great and truly an honor to have Mr. Darrow lead our Western Musical instruments section. 

Darrow is a talented musician that inspires & encourages through his music teaching & performance. When he is not teaching, he creates & performs uplifting dance music by the name Sunshine Beats. Both on & off stage he connects to his inner-child through music, bringing a playful experience of wonder that drops joyful listeners into their hearts.

Listen to him:
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