We believe in – “Home is the first school, and parents are the first teachers.”And with this rightness, Little Elly’s “Home Learning” program covets in strengthening the impression of the parent’s teaching in their child. Home Learning with the support of Fun and Little Elly Teachers. Our Montessori Teachers are here to provide undivided attention for your child and adopt different strategies to satisfy the inquisitive nature of children and make learning an enduring experience. Our teachers will connect with your child on a daily basis and will inspire play with open-ended materials in their surroundings that will provoke their engagement. Little Elly will enforce Home Learning by making a daily schedule that will be shared with you for Online/home learning. The schedule includes a morning routine, early learning subjects, and parent-child activities. There will also be a weekly follow-up between the parents and Fun and Study to understand the progress of the child. A parent-teacher talk will help to discuss issues that maybe interfering with the child's learning. Our sole objective is to work with families to establish fun-based, child-centered learning that pushes beyond engaging with a screen. And so, we are keeping our engagement consistent and giving families daily activity schedule to foster learning at home. As the countdown to the enrollment process begins, please let us know your standpoint and we can find ways to work together to ensure your child’s success. Today’s children are more responsive to visual aids to learn new things. Elly Companion App is a fun learning educational app with animated videos, rhymes, illustrations, thematic stories which will keep our child’s mind active even without the presence of a classroom setting. The videos are customized with shorter duration keeping in mind the importance of balanced screen-timing for our children. Spring into a wonderful learning experience with our App as we are scheduled to launch in mid-June. Our Elly App content are created to meet all your child’s learning needs  - Cognitive abilities, Math & Science, Language & Phonics, Life & Social Skills. Very soon our children will get to meet Wide Eye and many more awesome characters. Aren’t we all waiting for the reopening of our preschools. Yes, we are! But, this is the need of the hour that Remote Learning is to be followed for our children to continue with their learning process and also to keep them safe and sound. We do not want to open our center in haste or without the local government and LWSD Guidelines to restart. This is the time to be extra-understanding and supportive of each other. And we assure parents that when our center does open, it will mean additional care and thought to be given to safety, hygiene and health. Once our center reopens we will take a number of steps to ensure the safety of all our students Some of those steps include: daily sanitizing the classrooms, toys, tables, chairs, etc, disinfecting the bathrooms, pantry, and the play areas, allocating shifts for children, training staff and sub-staff about hygiene, hand-washing, and social distancing rules, temperature checks, masks, hand washing, sanitizing must be for everyone. Some ways that parents can teach their child to be safe are: teaching your child about hygiene, hand-washing, social distancing and wearing a mask, monitor your child's temperature everyday and be cautious of any symptoms, remind them to cough or sneeze into their elbows and wash their hands. We recognize that families will have different arrangements for caring for their children during the day, and Fun and Study Little Elly Team have worked to align our new Learning Model to support children in a very flexible style. This is a new step for all of us. A big shout-out to our children for being so adaptable, positive and recognizing  this massive change. We are all so proud of our children who despite of all odds are accepting the “new normal.” We are sure that our children will continue to be respectful, make good choices, and be kind whether they are at home or in school or anywhere in between. Thank you parents for your continued flexibility and support as we navigate this very new situation.


A successful school-parent community partnership offers a broad range of school, family, and community opportunities that engage everyone in the practice of learning something new every day. As you know, the New Academic Year will start from September 1st 2020 but what we don't know is how the school will reopen, for this we are closely watching guidelines from LWSD. Meantime, since Little Elly Montessori was closed for the past couple moths, we are planning to start our academic year early from July 2020. As educators, we, at Little Elly are committed to make learning a task for life and challenge our children to step outside of their comfort zone and learn about themselves and the world around them through our hands-on learning process. On this account, Little Elly is embarking on a new parent-child learning add-on program that are effectively integrated with our preschool goals and overall child's developmental objectives. This program will be in progress for the months of July and August - till it's safe to restart learning centers for children. Our parent company, Little Elly India is bringing story readings, magic shows, and sing-alongs home with Facebook livestreams. We will keep our children engaged, entertained and educated with our best live streams popping on your screens every Saturday morning India time and Friday night Seattle time. Please check Fun and Study page on Facebook got link. The Elly App is rolling out soon, and we will give access to all the children who have been enrolled in Little Elly. The Elly App is developed taking into consideration the child’s perspective as a guiding principle. Our App will cater features according to the learning needs of children with stimulating, engaging, entertaining, creative, exploratory, informative digital content. Our planned classes will be Fun-A-Day session and academics with the children and the teachers. This will be conducted daily where the teacher/coordinator will connect with the children on (specific time) to have a face-to-face interaction (video conferencing) with them. Our students will have some interactive activities with their friends and teachers. The group size limits to maximum 10 children only. We will provide daily planner with activities for parents and child to do together at home, away from home, indoors, and outdoors. The activities included in the “My Daily Planner” is based on Thematic Approach which will help our children connect home learning to their lives later in classrooms and their neighborhood as well. The themes used will be familiar ones which is vital in most early childhood programs. Establishing a connection between what is learned at school and what takes place at home is a key component of a child’s development and support for further learning. Your child’s social-emotional growth is just as important as academic growth. We request our parents to participate in the learning activities provided by us. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Use this time to learn, evolve and strengthen your education and  progress as a family. We can’t wait to see you when school opens.