Homework Assistance

The students spend most time in school. The schools in Washington state are one of the best in country. We play a supporting role and assist child in completing homework. We motivate, encourage and guide students in completing home work. We use group dynamics and group behaviors and a reward system to reinforce importance of keeping up with school assignments. 

after school programs

Discovery Program:

Inquiry-based program encourages children to communicate and think scientifically. We use IAHP intelligent bits ( to deliver thematic units focused on Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences with connections to math, reading and creative arts. 

English & Mathematics 

Readers Theatre, Hand writing and Math

We truly believe that students reluctance in continuing assignments arise when either they know subject matter very well and do not need additional practice or have not fully understood the concepts and thus not able to complete. Both of these can be resolved by having low student to teacher ratio. We firmly believe and maintain ratio of 8 students as to 1 teacher in all our classes.

after school ENRICHMENT program

​Quest training - Gifted and Talented Program preparation​​

The schools in Washington state are one the best in country as such Quest related exams are very competitive. We work with students and assist them in clearly defining steps and multiple approaches to solve Quest exam problems. We play a supporting role in developing critical thinking patterns. We do not aim to take short cuts and we try to teach students approaches to solve multiple problem sets and not simply find an answer to a single problem. 

At Fun & Study, we work in partnership with each child and parent to design the program for their specific needs.

We develop customized program rather than the standard work sheet approach.

Introduction to Yoga and Music

We do not view Yoga and Music as weekly once activity. We see Yoga and Music as food for soul and mind. Our after school enrichment program starts with kids snacks (provided by parts), followed by learning about music composers and their famous compositions. After music enrichment we start with 20 minutes of Yoga and light yoga postures.