Vedic Mathematics is a book written by the Indian Hindu cleric Bharati Krishna Tirthaji and first published in 1965. It contains a list of mental calculation techniques claimed to be based on the Vedas. 

We will start with kids as early as in Kindergarten. We begin with Pre-course for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. After this pre-course, we will start with Vedic Math. Vedic Math can be used by students in various competitive exams and assist them in imaginative problem solving. 

Vedic Math sample learning

Step 1: Let us consider multiplying any two digit numbers, for example 23 x 24.

Step 2: Choose the unit digit of both the numerals and deduct it from the given numerals.

23 - 3 = 20
24 - 4 = 20

Step 3: Now, select any one number (24) and add it with unit digit of another number(3)
24 + 3 = 27

Step 4: Then, multiply the result obtained in step 2 and step 3.

27 x 20 = 540

Step 5: Multiply the unit digit values.

4 * 3 = 12

Step 6: Finally, add values obtained from step 3 and step 4.

540 + 12 = 552

23 x 24 = 552


​We will use reputed Franchise material to teach kids in English grammar and practice and improve handwriting both print and cursive.



Protein helps to develop strength and this strength can be used to do multiple activities like physical exercise, walking and much more. Similarly we view Abacus as a support to brain development and this brain power can be used for multiple skills.

Benefits of Abacus

  • Involves your child to use both the left & right brain hemispheres.
  • Enables your child to develop concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, visualization, confidence, decision making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, speed, accuracy etc.
  • Enables your child to specialize in arithmetic, visual & numerical skills.
  • Empowers your child to express using the right words, attain a powerful vocabulary, become conversation savvy, confident in language & thereby a better personality.
  • Brings out your child's hidden potentials like creative thinking, imagination etc., It enriches motor, language and cognitive skills ensuring his mental fitness.

How does it work?

The human brain undergoes 85% of its development, during the age of 5 – 14 years.

The Chinese counting tool “Abacus” involves three senses which the kids use - Seeing, Hearing & Doing – all simultaneously. After 3 Months, when the kids are comfortable calculating numbers using Abacus, the kids are taught to imagine the abacus tool in their mind and do the calculations by moving the beads in the virtual(imaginary) abacus developed in their mind. Kids learn to pay attention to the inner space inside their mind and practice to increase the inner clarity, with the picture of beads. When they practice using this virtual abacus, imagination is at work, which is said to be right brain’s function. Combined with this, when they use the rhymes, in this Advanced Syllabus, their left brain is also put to use and when they do it regularly for 15 minutes daily, it serves as a very good exercise for the brain and brings out a lot of new strengths of the kid into light.